IP video surveillance solution for network camera

Multi-Channel Remote Surveillance And Video Broadcasting

IP Kamera VC440e - capture card security camera USB webcam

Video surveillance and video streaming solution for IP cameras, webcams and DirectShow devices.



  • Video surveillance for governments, manufactures, retail/financial/service industries.
  • HD video streaming and recording of meetings/lectures for businesses and schools.
  • Integrate with your web site to let your customers see your stores. (e.g. daycare centers, pet grooming services...etc.)
  • Video signage or video wall.
  • Scientific/industrial researches that need to monitor and record multiple video channels. And to easily review and edit the video.
  • Home monitoring. Baby monitor, monitor your pets while you are away from home.

NetCamCenter Editions:

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Mobile Apps

Webcam Watchdog
watchdog thumnail
watchdog thumnail
Webcam Watchdog Android video recorder
Webcam Watchdog turns your phone and tablet into a digital video recorder for continuous video recording.

Google Play

Webcam Watchdog
Videowall (for Windows Tablet/PC)
VideoWall for watching 4 video streams at the same time.

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