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Watchdog 5


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   Webcam Watchdog 5
免費 雲端遠端監控軟體!


  Watchdog 已停產.
可監看並錄影 4 支網路攝影機或 webcam 的
NetCamCenter CamNebula 免費版
Download NetCamCenter 3.0 CamNebula Free Edition!

Webcam Watchdog 具備網路監控、數位錄影功能並支援遠端串流影音直播。您只需要 USB 攝影機或是影像捕捉 卡 + Webcam Watchdog 即可 讓您的電腦增添遠端監控功能, 幫助您監控您的商店、住家或學校 ,讓您隨時隨地掌握現場最新狀況。 免費 50 MB 雲端儲存空間讓您儲存錄影檔案。

Watchdog 透過 CamNebula 雲端監控服務 遠端即時監看、錄影檔案備份及遠端調閱錄影檔案。 並支援 iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, 及 Windows 7, 8 遠端監看。 當 Watchdog 偵測到畫面有變化時會透過 CamNebula 服務發送電子郵件給您. 您可登入 CamNebula 雲端監控服務 觀看動作偵測錄影.

註冊免費 CamNebula 帳號

   Camnebula cloud

Watchdog 5 screenshot

Setup your camera and view camera live from anywhere in just a few minutes. Most of the remote video monitoring software and hardware today requie opening ports on your router, and go thru very complicated netwrok configuration. With CamNebula cloud service, you only need to config Watchdog with your CamNebula account info, and run Watchdog on your PC.

Traditional surveillance DVRs record video on your computer hard drive. Watchdog records video remotely at CamNebula datacenters. This significantly reduce the chance that thiefs may take your surveillance DVR with them and leave you no video footage. Please note for remote recording you may need to upgrade your CamNebula membership for storage space.

Watchdog offers enhanced digital video recording with crystal clear picture quality.


  • Setting up multiple areas for motion detection.
  • Mark the motion detected areas to see the moving object easily.

  • motion detection
Use CamNebula remote surveillance service to access your video with smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

支援 iPhone, Android 及 Windows Phone 網路監看

Watchdog periodically uploads image to CamNebula cloud for you to review the image snapshots.

You can also put timestamp or text on top of your video with this caption feature.


  • 作業系統: Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit) , Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit).
  • Web browsers with HTML5 and MPEG-4 video playback capability required for remote viewing.
Windows 7 / 8 Compatible
  • DirectShow devices (e.g. USB webcam cameras and DirectShow video capture devices with security cameras)
  • Internet connection is required for remote access.

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