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Webcam Watchdog (Android) - Webcam Watchdog turns your phone and tablet into a digital video recorder for continuous video recording. Watchdog will auto delete old video files when there's no enough storage space.

Free cloud video remote surveillance software!

IPcam VC440e - capture card security camera webcam
Webcam Watchdog for Windows is discontinued.
Please see NetCamCenter 3.0 CamNebula Free Edition
NetCamCenter supports up to 4 IP cams and USB webcams,
offers you 4 Watchdogs instead of just one!
Download NetCamCenter 3.0 CamNebula Free Edition!

Setup remote monitoring and recording with CamNebula in 90 seconds

With Watchdog you can easily monitor a remote location over the Internet with your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. You can also use Watchdog to record video in the cloud. Watchdog provides remote live video viewing and recording thru CamNebula cloud video surveillance service. Watchdog can also monitor activities on the camera and record high quality video on CamNebula remote surveillance cloud when motion is detected. An email notification will be sent to you by CamNebula service when motion is detected. A CamNebula account is required to run Watchdog 5.0 and to store your alarm video, or to record your video in the cloud. You can visit to register your free account. With CamNeubla service, you don't need to be an IT technician to setup very complicated port forwarding for remote viewing.

   Camnebula cloud

  Watch the quick start video to setup Watchdog and start remote monitoring in 3 minutes
Watchdog 5 screenshot

Remote video surveillance
Setup your camera and view camera live from anywhere in just a few minutes. Most of the remote video monitoring software and hardware today requie opening ports on your router, and go thru very complicated netwrok configuration. With CamNebula cloud service, you only need to config Watchdog with your CamNebula account info, and run Watchdog on your PC. There's no need to dig holes in your router and firewall.

Record video remotely in the cloud
Traditional surveillance DVRs record video on your computer hard drive. Watchdog records video remotely at CamNebula datacenters. This significantly reduce the chance that thiefs may take your surveillance DVR with them and leave you no video footage. Please note for remote recording you may need to upgrade your CamNebula membership for storage space. Combining with low cost USB camera, Watchdog is your ideal video recording choice for POS (Point of Sales) or small sales kiosk.

High quality video and audio
Watchdog offers enhanced digital video recording with crystal clear picture quality.
  • Records audio with video
Motion detection
  • Setting up multiple areas for motion detection.
  • Mark the motion detected areas to see the moving object easily.

  • motion detection
Access your video files remotely
Use CamNebula remote surveillance service to access your video with smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Viewing recordings with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone
Enables you to monitor with iPhone, Android Phone and Windows Phone.

Remote viewing with iPhone - Watchdog 5 Remote viewing with Android - Watchdog 5 Remote viewing with Windows Phone - Watchdog 5
Apple iPhone AndroidWindows Phone 8

256 Bit SSL encryption
Your video are transmitted with SSL encryption to CamNebula cloud.

Image snapshots
Watchdog periodically uploads image to CamNebula cloud for you to review the image snapshots.

You can also put timestamp or text on top of your video with this caption feature.

System requirements

Software requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows Server 2012 operating system.
  • Web browsers with HTML5 and MPEG-4 video playback capability required for remote viewing.
Windows 7 / 8 Compatible
Minimum hardware requirements
  • DirectShow devices (e.g. USB webcam cameras and DirectShow video capture devices with security cameras)
  • Internet connection: at least 200kbps uplink speed required for live remote viewing.

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