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4 audio channel and 4 video channel capture card   

This product is discontinued.

Please see NetCamCenter 3.0

VC440e is a multi-channel PCI Express video capture card designed for developer and professional. Enables you to capture multiple channels of video with up to 30 frames per second for each input. r>
  • Supports Windows Media™ Encoder 9, Microsoft Expression Encoder 2, Adobe Flash Live Encoder 3.2 and RealProducer.
  • Independent control for each video channel
  • Allows you to adjust brightness, contrast and hue.
  • Develop your software for VC440e with Windows API and DirectX SDK.

ProductPrice Description
VC440e-4 $369.95 one 4 input video card only
VC440e-8 $699.95 two 4 input video cards only
WCSA440e-4 $420one 4 input video card with integrated software
WCSA440e-8 $780 two 4 input video cards with integrated software
If you are upgrading from VC440e-4, please contact us before order.

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VC440e package contains
  • VC440e capture card
  • One breakout cable for 4 video and 4 audio inputs
  • CDROM includes driver
  • NO application software included (If you need application software, please check out WCSA440e.)

  • Computer vision/image processing
  • Multiple input video capture
  • Video surveillance
  • Record multiple channels of video
  • Streaming video to Smartphone or Windows Mobile device
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   Broadcast and record multiple video channels with WCSA440C

Feature List
Video Inputs:4 BNC connectors
Audio Inputs: 4 BNC connectors
Video Standard: NTSC and PAL
Four video processors handles up to 120 frames/sec
  • XP, Vista and Server 2003
    NTSC: 720x480, 640x480, 640x240, 320x240, 160x120
    PAL: 720x576, 720x288, 704x576, 352x288, 176x144

  • Windows 7
    RGB 24 320x240, 640x480, 720x240, 720x480
    YUY2 640x480, 720x240, 720x480
    UYVY 320x240, 720x240, 720x480

    RGB 24640x480, 720x288, 720x576
    YUY2 640x480, 720x288, 720x576
    UYVY 720x288
Operating Temperature: 32ºF ~ 122ºF ( 0ºC ~ 50ºC )
RoHS Compliant
Dimensions (LxH): 6.82 inch x 4.89 inch (173mm x 124mm)
Supports WDM driver
Audio: 8000 Hz, mono. Speech quality

System Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium D Processor or above
  • Windows compatible sound card (optional)
  • Available PCIe x1 slot(s)
  • Supports most motherboards (Intel chipset recommended)
  • Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista (32-bit)/Win 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Microsoft DirectX 8.1 or above

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