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 NetCamCenter 2.0 SDK


Technical  Support

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions
• NetCamCenter 3  
• Which ports should be open for NetCamCenter 2 or Webcam 1-2-3?
• Check if the port is open
• General FAQ

• How to build a remote video surveillance system
  • Building a Video Surveillance System with Network Camera or Video Server
  • Using a Web cam to broadcast live video or monitor remotely

  • Manuals
    • NetCamCenter 3
    • Watchdog 5.0  
    • NetCamCenter Single Camera Edition  
    • NetCamCenter Basic (PDF)
    • NetCamCenter NetViewer (PDF)

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    • NetCamCenter 3.0
    • Disk Space Calculator
        (Use it to estimate the disk space you need for your
          remote surveillance system)

    • NetCamCenter 2.0
    • WCSA440e
    • WCSA440C
    • Can I edit the video files that recorded by Watchdog or NetCamCenter?
    • How do I check the NetCamCenter edition I installed?
    • How do I embed Windows Media player in a Web page?
    • I cannot see my camera page with dynamic IP service.
    • How do I capture a screen shot?
    • How do I disable Outlook/Outlook Express/Windows Mail Security pop-ups when NetCamCenter or Watchdog send me alarm email?
    • How do I backup the recordings of WCSA400/WCSA400N/NetCamCenter in realtime over the local network?
    • How to configure Windows XP / Vista / 7 to automatically logon

    • How do I configure the Windows Firewall for Webcam 1-2-3,
        Watchdog 4.0 or NetCamCenter? (Windows XP , 7)
    • Assign static IP address to your network device
    • How do I check network connection is reachable?
    • How to start PPPoE on boot
    • How do I enable dynamic IP service?

    • How do I configure port forwarding for LinkSys router?
    • How do I configure virtual server for Belkin router?
    • How do I configure virtual server for D-Link router?
    • How do I configure port forwarding for NetGear router?
    • How do I configure virtual server for SMC router?
    • How do I configure port forwarding for Actiontec router?

    • Recommended system settings for Webcam 1-2-3, Watchdog, and NetCamCenter.
    • I cannot access my camera with Member url/redirect server.
    • If your IP address is 192.168.x.x, please refer to the
         Router section and configure your router or firewall.

    • NetCamCenter
    • VC440e / WCSA440e


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