NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Viewing RTSP streams

For information on using NetCamCenter to view and record multiple RTSP streams, see Adding RTSP cameras and video servers.

Please follow the steps to connect to NetCamCenter RTSP server with QuickTime, NetCamCenter or other RTSP viewers:

  1. Start QuickTime player.
  2. The URL is rtsp://IP address of NetCamCenter: port/live_CameraNumber_Stream

    Eg. rtsp://

    for camera 1 - stream2. Note stream 1 provides you the best quality with almost no addtional CPU loading. However, stream 1 is only available for IP cameras with H264 encoding. To enable stream 2 (mobile stream), on each video window, Setup, Streams, Enable Mobile RTSP stream.

    enter NetCamCenter RTSP URL in QuickTime player

    remote viewing NetCamCenter with QuickTime player

  3. If Authorization is enabled, you will be prompted for a username and password.

    view NetCamCenter RTSP with QuickTime player

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