NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Video Window

After connecting to a network camera, you will see a video window as the following screen.

  • Video window of a network camera or video server

  • Bandwidth usage and camera compression method such as H.264 are displayed on the top of the video.

    Video window of a network camera or video server

    Video window of a capture device

The camera name is displayed on the title bar. To set up a camera name, click Setup and then select Device tab. Enter desired name in the Description field. Click OK.

DVR mode

  • View only

    Display the live video only.

  • Turn Recorder on

  • To record video continuously, select Turn Recorder on.

  • Turn Alarm on

  • To record video only when motion is detected, select Turn Alarm on. Please configure motion detection after selecting this option.

  • Use Timer

  • If you wish to record video or enable motion detection for a certain time, you can enable Use Timer. Please add a schedule
Software PTZ

  • You can drag and select an area on a video window to zoom in. Note this feature is not applied to capture device or USB camera.

  • NetCamCenter software PTZ

  • After dragging an area, a software PTZ window will be displayed and allows you to control the area for zoom in. Just click the button on the left pane to move the red rectangle to adjust the selected area.

  • NetCamCenter software PTZ

  • The video window below shows the area where you adjust the red rectangle to the desired position.

  • NetCamCenter software PTZ

  • Double-click on the center of a video window to display the camera in full screen and double-click again to restore down. If the camera is a PTZ network camera, you can click on a position to move the camera view to center.
Quick menu

You can right click on the video window to
  1. If audio is enabled, you can select Speaker to listen to the audio. (If Speaker is grayed out audio is not enabled.)
  2. To adjust audio volume, simply select Audio Volume and use the slider to adjust volume. (Note: Audio Volume is not applied to network camera.)
  3. To change the video window layout as Kiosk mode, simply select As Kiosk mode.
  4. Select Setup will open the Setup window of the device and allows you to configure your device.

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