NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Configuring User Manager

User manager allows you to control which user can view the camera remotely and setup NetCamCenter.

Setting up User Manager
  1. Click Setup on CamCenter.
  2. Click User Manager on Server tab.

    User Manager

  3. You will be prompted to setup a new password for the administrator when you click User Manager for the first time. Enter a desired password in the Password and Confirm password fields. Click OK. You will need to enter administrator's password each time you start User Manager.

    Setup username and passoword for User Manager

  4. NetCamCenter User Manager

  5. When the following window appears, click Add.

    • Select cameras to restrict which cameras can be viewed by the user. Click Add.
    • Click OK.
    NetCamCenter User Manager
Removing a user
Select a user ID and then click Remove.

Editing user information
Select a user ID and then click Properties.

Enable user access control

This feature is limited to NetCamCenter Professional edition.
  1. To enable user access control, check Enable user access control on the Admin tab.
  2. Click OK.

    access control - User Manager

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