NetCamCenter 3 User Guide


To change recording data rate, click Setup and then go to Streams tab. The quality of your recorded screen images can be affected by the amount of motion that occurs during the recording process. For high-motion content or resolution greater than 640x480 you may want to select higher data rate to have better video quality.

NetCamCenter stream

Compression data rate
You can calculate video file size by referring to the following table. The video file produced by NetCamCenter is highly optimized for streaming. Your connection speed will influence the smoothness of your video if you view the video from the Internet.

To record audio, check this box and make sure that Audio is enabled on Camera tab.

HTTP Streaming
Check this box to enable live viewing.

  • The following table is for reference only. The actual file size may vary depending on the video content and frame rate.

Compression ratio if select Windows Media encoding
384 kbps 2 MB/min, 129 MB/hr, 3 GB/day
512 kbps  4 MB/min, 229 MB/hr, 6 GB/day
768 kbps  6 MB/min, 337 MB/hr, 8 GB/day
1000 kbps 8 MB/min, 450 MB/hr, 11 GB/day
1500 kbps 11 MB/min, 632 MB/hr, 15 GB/day
2000 kbps  15 MB/min, 895 MB/hr, 21 GB/day
3000 kbps  22 MB/min, 1.3 GB/hr, 32 GB/day
4000 kbps 30 MB/min, 1.7 GB/hr, 41 GB/day
5000 kbps  38 MB/min, 2.1 GB/hr, 51 GB/day
6000 kbps  45 MB/min, 2.6 GB/hr, 62 GB/day
7000 kbps  51 MB/min, 3.0 GB/hr, 72 GB/day
8000 kbps  59 MB/min, 3.4 GB/hr, 82 GB/day
12 Mbps  89 MB/min, 5.1 GB/hr, 123 GB/day
16 Mbps  118 MB/min, 6.8 GB/hr, 164 GB/day

Note: Lower data rate makes the file size smaller, but lowers the video/audio quality. Higher data rate produce high quality video/audio but increases the file size.

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