NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Quick Start Guide


Setting up NetCamCenter software for surveillance is fairly easy. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1: Install the software.

Step 2: Add devices

Step 3: To setup for continuous recording.
On the same Setup dialog box in Step 2, select "Turn recorder on" in DVR box.

Step 4: Arrange video windows
If you have only one monitor, skip and go to the next screen shot. To setup NetCamCenter for multiple monitors, select the video window, click on Setup, Misc tab to assign the video to particular monitor. E.g this screen shot assigns the video to use 2nd monitor.

Next, on CamCenter, select the menu item on the toolbar to arrange the video windows. E.g. the following screen shot shows how to have NetCamCenter arranges the video windows that are assigned to monitor 2 on 3x3 layout. You can have different layout for each monitor. E.g. 3x3 on monitor 1 and 1+5 on monitor2, ...etc.

You may want to then click on X (Close) button on the caption bar. The will minimize CamCenter window to system tray while all video windows stay on the screen. You can right click on CamCenter icon on system tray, select Restore to restore CamCenter window.

If you are running NetCamCenter with other software, you can always click on CamCenter icon on Windows Taskbar, or Restore on system tray, to bring up all video windows.

Step 5: Recommended system settings.
While NetCamCenter will attempt to run continuously, your  hardware, drivers and other software may override it. It is recommended you manual config those settings.

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