NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Getting Started

Double-click on NetCamCenter icon on the desktop to start NetCamCenter.

  1. If you are running the trial version, you will see the following message box showing that the trail version will expire in how many days. Click OK to continue.

  2. When you run NetCamCenter for the first time, you will be prompted to choose a data folder for NetCamCenter. The data folder contains settings, web pages, and recordings. Click Yes if you would like to select a folder.

  3. You can browse to select a folder or make a new folder for your data.

  4. Then you will see the following control window allowing you to add a camera or video server. If NetCamCenter detects there is a USB camera or capture device plugged in, the control window will display the name of the device.

    To setup your capture device such as USB camera, simply double-click on the device name. To add a camera or video server click on Double-click to setup on CamCenter.


  5. Enable web server for remote viewing.

    To configure web server, click Setup on CamCenter, and then click the Server tab. Check Enable web server.

    web server - NetCamCenter

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