NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Getting familiar with CamCenter

After starting NetCamCenter you will see the following CamCenter screen. If DirectShow capture device is detected, NetCamCenter will display capture device name on the list.


Camera List

Double-click a desired camera to have NetCamCenter bring up the video window and start setting up the camera.

Display modes

Select your desired viewing mode.
  • Application mode
    In Application mode, you can see title bar, status bar and toolbar allowing you to setup camera by clicking on Setup on each video window.

  • Kiosk mode
    In Kiosk mode, title bar and toolbar will not be displayed. You can see the camera name and connection status on the top of the video. To update camera settings right-click on the video window and select Setup button.


Video Files

To copy video files, you can right-click on a camera on the list, and point the cursor to Video files.


When the following window shows, select the duration to copy the video. If a video file cannot be fast-forward, select the duration and click Repair to fix the video.

CamCenter - Video Files

Restore CamCenter

When you click Close button, CamCenter will be minimized to system tray. Windows' system tray is on the far right end of your task bar. To restore CamCenter, move cursor to system tray and then click on Show hidden icons. Right-click on NetCamCenter icon and select Restore.

CamCenter restore

When you Right-click on NetCamCenter icon on system tray and select then Exit, you will be prompted with following message. Check "Do not show this message again" if you prefer not to see the message.


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