NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Configuring caption for a capture device

NetCamCenter allows you to set caption on the video with capture devices. Note This feature does not apply to IP camera and video server.

To setup caption
  • Click Setup. Select Caption tab.
  • Check Enable caption box to enable caption.

  • Text
    To display desired text caption on your video, simply type the text in the Text field. You can also enter desired text after or before the time code.

    Text Color
    Click Text color to select desired color for text.

    Click on Font button to change the font type, size or color of the caption.

    Insert timestamp
    Click on Insert timestamp button put up a timestamp.

    Transparent text background
    Check this box if you wish to have transparent text background. To set background color of the text string,

    • Uncheck Transparent text background box.
    • Click Background color. Select a color and then click OK.

For better performance it is highly recommended that you use your IP camera's caption function to add timestamp and text.

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