NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Configure digital video recording

The video files are saved in the video directory. Each video file is named with date and time for you to manage them easily. You can also find the file by using Microsoft Windows Explorer and double-click on month-date-year-hour-min-sec.asf to playback the video.

NetCamCenter recordings

To configure general video recording, click on Setup and then File tab.


Video folder
You can save the video recordings in different hard drive. (This function is only supported by NetCamCenter Professional.) To change the default video recording folder, please click here to download the tool. When you run the tool, please exit NetCamCenter first.

Note The trial version doesn't support selecting folder for recordings. It will be unlocked after registered.

Limit the video files
You can limit the recordings by video file size or duration. Click a desired method and then entering a number in the corresponding field. NetCamCenter will switch the recording to a new file when current video file reaches the limit.

Generate image snapshots every x minutes
Enter a number to specify how often you wish NetCamCenter to generate a image. When recording started, NetCamCenter will start to generate images in the video folder.


Keep only x days of data
Specify the number of days to store recordings on hard disk.

Reserve x G free space on HD
Input a number here to limit hard disk space being used by NetCamCenter. If you enter 40 in the box, NetCamCenter will reserve 40 GB free space on your HD and delete the oldest video recording in the video folder to recycle the hard drive space.

Enable VCR
  • Click on Setup button on the video window.
  • Select Turn recorder on on the DVR list.

Turn recorder on - NetCamCenter

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