NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Recording video to cloud

NetCamCenter can simutaneously record video to both local storage and to cloud services. Hence increases the chance you have the video footage when you need it comparing to record only local or only to cloud storage. The local stream are recorded in high quality (i.e. HD if you are using HD camera), while remote stream is adjusted for remote recording (required as most of the users today have very limited uplink bandwidth). You can also view live video and search recordings with your phone and tablet without configuring your router or firewall by using CamNebula service.

For remote recording, using CamNebula is highly recommended as it is designed for remote surveillance. Recording to CamNebula service is done by streaming, reliable and fast.

The commonly available cloud storages, on the other hand, are not specifically designed for remote video recording. The server end is a storage, not a streaming server. Hence, there are many limitations due to this nature. Recording are based on cloud drive syncing when you selection this option. Video are recorded in short clips, there's no control on how files are synced with the servers (e.g. there's no way to know a clip recorded 30 minutes ago is now on the server), and adds significant system loading. Search video is also difficult.

Nevertheless, both options are provided. (For CamNebula Free Edition, only CamNebula option is available.)

Click to continue on how to record to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox , otherwise continue reading on setup CamNebula cloud service.

To enable CamNebula remote viewing and recording please register a CamNebula Account first. And then on each camera Setup, Cloud tab, enable CamNebula. Copy and paste your CamNebula username and camera token as shown below. If you are using CamNebula Editions, NetCamCenter will automatically setup this for you. All you need to do is enable it. Adjust remote recording rate based on your Internet connection speed. Repeat for other cameras you want to record to cloud storage. Note the more cameras, the more bandwidth you need to upload the videos. Also note the serial number on CamNebula web site is for CamNebula Editions only.

NetCamCenter cloud settings

Setup remote monitoring and cloud recording with CamNebula in 90 seconds

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