NetCamCenter 3 User Guide

Running NetCamCenter as a Windows Service

  • Go to Start
  • Point to Control Panel
  • Double-click Administrative Tools
  • Double-click Services. Right-click Webcamsoft LLC. Service Starter.

    Start Windows Service

  • Select Properities.

    Running NetCamCenter as a Windows Service

  • Click Log On tab, select This account box. Click Browse to select an account or enter a username. Enter the password and click Apply. If you do not click apply before you start the service, it will fail.

    1. The user must have a privilege to run the service. It is recommended that you logon as the account and run NetCamCenter first. The password for the account should not be blank.

    2. When you start web server and see the message below, please check Do not show this message again.

  • If you wish to auto start NetCamCenter during Windows startup, double-click Webcamsoft LLC. Service Starter on Services. On General tab, select Automatic (Delayer Start) as startup type. Click OK.

    Running NetCamCenter as a Windows Service

    Once you have finished, please disable Run at Windows start up. Click Setup on CamCenter, and then go to Misc tab. Uncheck Run at Windows start up box.

  • Exit NetCamCenter
  • You can select Webcamsoft LLC. Service Starter on Services and click Start button to test. Start IE and enter the IP address of NetCamCenter in the location bar. You should be able to view the video. You'll have to wait about 1 minute if you are using trial version of NetCamCenter.