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RTSP based IP cameras and video servers

The following devices can be setup as RTSP based devices by selecting the camera Maker as Network camera and Model as RTSP based devices. And manually enter the RTSP path. Please click here for example of setting up Axis RTSP camera. Please note Path is case sensitive. You can find your camera's RTSP port in camera's setup.

Audio format supported by this option includes G.711 and AAC.

RTSP IP camera setting - NetCamCenter
Screenshot of a RTSP camera setup


P CameraType PathNote
RTSP cam1/h264 cam1/h264 for 1st channel,
cam2/h264 2nd channel


IP CameraType PathNote
RTSP leave Path as blank


ModelType PathNote
IP Kamera 9070/9070 Basic/CS/CSO/CSW/CSWO/IR/POE/IR-Wifi RTSP mpeg4
IP Kamera 9076-FXD RTSP mpeg4


ModelType PathNote
RTSP channel1


IP CameraType PathNote
DCS-1100L RTSP play2.sdp
RTSP play1.sdp try play1.sdp or live.sdp

FLIR Systems

ModelType PathNote
D Series RTSP ch0
F Series RTSP ch0
PT Series RTSP ch0
PTZ-35x140 Series RTSP vis


IP CameraType PathNote
IQ030 RTSP now.mp4
IQ732/IQ732N RTSP now.mp4
IQ761 RTSP now.mp4
IQ832 RTSP now.mp4
IQ861 RTSP now.mp4
IQA20S RTSP now.mp4
IQA21S RTSP now.mp4
IQA22S RTSP now.mp4
IQA23S RTSP now.mp4
IQA25S RTSP now.mp4
IQA30 RTSP now.mp4
IQD30 RTSP now.mp4
IQD31SI-F1/IQD31SV-F1 RTSP now.mp4


ModelType PathNote
LNE1001 RTSP video.mp4
LNE3003 RTSP video.mp4
LNZ4001 RTSP video.mp4


ModelType PathNote
Sarix RTSP stream1


ModelType PathNote
CCMX1315 RTSP livestream


ModelType PathNote
SDH130B/BN/V/VN RTSP nph-h264.cgi
SDH300B/BN/V/VN RTSP nph-h264.cgi
SDH500B/BN/V/VN RTSP nph-h264.cgi


ModelType PathNote
IP-3G ConnectCam 1000 RTSP mpeg4
IP-3G ConnectCam 3000 RTSP mpeg4


ModelType PathNote
TV-IP512P/TV-IP512WN RTSP play1.sdp
TV-IP522P RTSP play1.sdp
TV-IP572 P/PI/W/WIRTSP play1.sdp RTSP URL can be found on camera video profile setup page
TV-IP602/TV-IP602WN RTSP play1.sdp
TV-IP612P/TV-IP612WN RTSP play1.sdp
Other RTSP cameras RTSP play1.sdp Try play1.sdp


ModelType PathNote
Bullet HD 1080RTSP v01 v01 for stream 1, v02 for stream 2
Bullet RangeRTSP live_h264.sdp
Bullet RangeRTSP live_mpeg4.sdp
Dome RangeRTSP live_h264.sdp
Dome RangeRTSP live_mpeg4.sdp
S RangeRTSP live_h264.sdp
S RangeRTSP live_mpeg4.sdp
SD RangeRTSP live_h264.sdp
SD RangeRTSP live_mpeg4.sdp

- Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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