Building an IP video surveillance system with NetCamCenter security software, video capture devices and network cameras for local and remote surveillance

Due to the price drop of IP camera (network camera), more and more people are considering using network camera for local and remote surveillance. If the surveillance area already has network cable installed, it is easier to use IP camera for surveillance. Or you can choose wireless IP camera if you don't have network cable installed.

What equipment do I need to setup a video surveillance system with IP cameras or video encoders (video server)?
To setup IP cameras, you need the following hardware and software. If you are recording cameras over the Internet, you have to calculate the bandwidth you need. You may get low frame rate if your uplink bandwidth is low.
  capture cardWeb camera IP camera

The data communications between IP camera software and the cameras runs on top of TCP/IP protocols. It can be wired or wireless. However, the nature of your physical links still plays an important role. E.g. wired with ethernet cable is still the best as it is far more reliable and much faster compare to wireless (WiFi, 3G/4G data link). If the video data has to go thru the Internet, e.g. for remote monitoring, you should also check out your ISP's data plan policy, and make sure your ISP does not block certain data traffic or communication port.

Get an IP camera with pan and tilt function at a better price
One of the advantage of IP surveillance is that you can get a PTZ camera at a better price. Most PTZ cameras on the market for digital video surveillance are still expensive. In addition, it may need professional skills to install the cameras. IP camera with PTZ requires no addtional control wiring (e.g. RS-485), the wiring is the same as fixed position IP camera.

Higher resolution
IP cameras are not restricted to NTSC or PAL standard. One of the best things about IP camera is it can provide much higher resolution compare to NTSC/PAL security camera (limited to 0.3 mega pixel). You can get IP cameras as high as 10 mega pixels today. Also, IP cameras in general have no interlace problem. Please note resolution isn't the only factor on selecting a camera. Lens, sensor, DSP ..etc. all play an important role. Don't be surprised to see some old but high end cameras with 0.3 mega pixel produce better video quality than the low cost mega pixel cameras.

Monitor multiple cameras with NetCamCenter IP camera software Effectively
To record and monitor multiple cameras, you can install NetCamCenter IP camera recording software. The quality of the software plays an important role in your security system. A good and robust software allows you to setup and monitor cameras easily, record video in high quality and allow you to find the recorded video quickly. Good performance and scalability are also important as customers often add more cameras as the business grows.

You do not need video capture card. NetCamCenter communicates with your cameras thru network interface. Note the more cameras you have, and the higher resolution the camera is, the more bandwidth are needed to transmit the video data, and more processing power are needed to process the data. Gigabit ethernet switch is recommended. And for PC, the faster, the better. For home users, be aware using an old PC you no longer want to use to run IP cam recording software (or for video ssurveillance purpose) in general is a very bad idea.

NetCamCenter supports a wide varieties of cameras, enabling you to view your cameras easily. For more information, please click here

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* A network camera is a camera and computer combined into one unit.