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Remote monitoring with NetCamCenter+CamNebula, easy as 1-2-3

Ever thinking of using the webcam on your PC to monitor what's going on at home or business when you are away? So you tried many software, or you bought a network camera, spent hours or days still can't get it to work? You are not alone. Most likely you are stuck in firewall or port forwarding settings, which usually requires an experienced network engineer to setup. If this is what happened. You'll be interested in our new generation of software based on cloud technology.

Basically, almost all such hardware (IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, ...etc) and software runs a built-in web server for remote access, including ours. They wait for incoming connections. And one of the things firewall and router (router usually has built-in firewall) does is, they block all traffic initiated from outside of your network. Sort of like a security guard will check out the identiy of a guest coming in, but they don't do so when you or the guest leaves the building. So when you try to view the camera outside your home or office, you have to deal with the router/firewall. Unless you configure it properly, by default they don't know it is you want to access the camera, they simply block your request. To properly configure firewall/router, you must have a good networking background. Some users are frustrated and take a shortcut to unblock everything (e.g. by using TMZ). This is highly not recommended. By doing this, you are exposing your network to all outside access and have high security risk.

In order to overcome the problem. We developed a solution by using both NetCamCenter software and CamNebula cloud. As shown in the diagram below. NetCamCenter captures the video streams from your webcams or IP cameras, push the data to CamNebula cloud, the cloud then transmit to your viewing devices. What happens here is, while firewall/router blocks all incoming traffic, they in general do not block traffic initiated from inside your network (otherwise you can't view any web site). Hence you don't have to deal with router/firewall issues. This solution also provide you high quality recording on local PC and adjusted quality suitable for internet viewing (mobile devices are not as powerful as PC). Video are compressed with advanced H.264 technology, this gives you smooth streaming video instead of slide show quality. Want to give it a try?

Download our free trial software here.

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